Software Development

Tworzenie oprogramowania


1. Does any software on the market not meet your needs ?

2. Is your current software blocking the development of your business ?

3. Do your competitors have a better program than you do ?

Since 2005 we have developed software for individual customers in Poland and abroad.
These programs have been dedicated for customer specific requirements and have been 100% successful.
We are a small company consisting of programmers only.
Hence, we do not have the enormous costs that other, larger, companies have.

By deciding to cooperate with us, we guarantee a friendly atmosphere during the whole process of production and development software.

If you decide that the program should comply with additional functionalities, it will be possible as an extension.

The software will be very closely matched to your needs.

Your employees will be in contact with the program since the first moment of its creation, so they will be able to work on the first day after installation.

Choice of technology implementation is not a limitation. We are able to create software in the most popular languages ​​and environments.

Preferred Technologies:
Internet Applications: PHP, ASP.NET, Ajax, XML
Desktop Applications: C# .NET
Databases: MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, FireBird, Oracle

Additionally, we offer
- The comprehensive implementation of software
- Maintaining system and database on the server
- Training users and administrators
- Support and application development

Rate per working hour programmer from 10 EURO.

Tel. +48 513 044 332
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